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Reviews and Testimonials for Plumber Boy in San Pedro, South Bay, And The Los Angeles Area

I didn't know whether to write an update or edit my review. While I want to let Yelpers know what initially happened, I also want to make it right for Plumber Boy, because they made it right for me.

I had a slow leak inside the walls that manifested itself in a drip from my garage ceiling. All I could think was uh-oh. As I was also driving into my garage from taking ill with the flu, I didn't want to deal with it. I called my home warranty people who sent Plumber Boy out. Ken was great! While I coughed and "ow"ed in high fever, he got the permission needed to tear open my ceiling, find the leak, and go to work fixing it. As he was fixing it, he also noted that I would need drying. So as I turned over from my flu coma, he also recommended the drying company. I was very confident in his communication and knowledge. So ... Read more
Dev R.
Sacramento, CA
These guys were my lifesavers! I moved into an old house with lots of issues including plumbing. Before we could even use the shower, the bathtub backed up every time we flushed the toilet. Very nasty! To top that, the toilet began to overflow. I now had a bathroom with clogged up toilet & bathtub ... Read more
Anne G.
Federal Way, WA
Impeccable customer service! From their receptionist/scheduler, to Robert the technician on my case I am beyond happy with the service from Plumber Boy. My home insurance plan referred me to their company, and I am pleased with their prompt response time and repairs. Highly recommend!
J H.
Los Angeles, CA
We're very happy with the service from "Plumber Boy" here in San Pedro .We had a straight pipe that must have had a weak spot ( in the ceiling ) and started spraying, but luckily hadn't burst. We're getting a few other plumbing problems fixed, now, but need more major work later.

Their good attitude and work ethic, as well as the quick clean up of ... Read more
Ruth A.
San Pedro, CA
1 check-in
Insurance company sent out two plumbers before Plumber Boys came to the rescue. First plumber gave up without trying anything. Second snaked the line and said that he was going to need to replace the pipes. $1800!? He was suppose to hydro jet and didn't even try...

David and Robert showed up the next day and ... Read more
Michael O.
Long Beach, CA
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I called to snake the drain and they were able to come the same day. Great price. Fast and efficient. Very pleased with the response and customer service.
S. L.
Los Angeles, CA
Technitian Daniel was great, very knowledgeable plumber! He was very helpful and even cleaned up the mess under sink ! He did not leave until he was certain problem was solved.
Lizet R.
I used plumber boy a few months ago when my upstairs bathtub wasn't draining.

I called and spoke with Denny and David came about 20 minutes later , he was very nice and professional and informative , he worked and got the drain all cleaned out and we were back in action.

Today I walked into a literal nightmare , my upstairs was backing out into my downstairs bathroom , it was like gushing ,
I freaked out and called Plumber boy. Read more
Heather M.
Torrance, CA
The cats knocked my tweezers down the bathroom sink drain - the third pair in the last couple months... and knocked them open side up. I had my husband remove the trap under the sink but, in doing so, he twisted a bit too hard and snapped the pipe protruding from the wall in half. I'd noticed there was a little corrosion on the top of that pipe. I didn't realize it was about to completely disintegrate. My husband, much annoyed at this point, fished out my tweezers, handed them to me and said, "Well, here are your damn tweezers... and now, we need a plumber."

So... I got on the computer and looked up plumbers in our area, found Plumber Boy, read all the glowing reviews, sent a message explaining our issue and, even though it was about 7 in the evening and after their work hours, David wrote me back at 11 PM that same ... Read more
Renee M.
San Pedro, CA